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  • Game Dra Night - 1998.02.22

    Yuuki Hiro (Ϥ)
    Beautiful Alone (Weiss)
    Samurai Spirits episode 4
    The guest was Yuuki Hiro again.

    Hiro said that he doesn't play games much. But he likes puzzle games, and likes the game IQ.

    Hiro said that he likes Okada Nana, an idol from a long time ago. Takehito said that Hiro likes older women.

    Hiro has a CD that just got released. Kyoko also took part in it, in the drama portion. There will be two more CDs, coming out in March and April.

    Then they played Beautiful Alone, Weiss' first single. It ranked 97th in the Oricon charts.

    The drama was Samurai Spirits episode 4 (final episode).

    The cast for Samurai Spirits was:

    Haoumaru Nakamura Daiki
    Rimururu Tamitani Keiko
    Genjuurou Kong Kuwata
    Shiki Minami Kaori
    Yagyuu Hammer Watanabe Takeshi
    Gandara Masago Katsumi
    Daisoujou Akimoto Yousuke
    Nakoruru Ikoma Harumi
    narration Ohki Tamio

    The next drama will be Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku 2nd Album. But there will be no drama next week, as there will be a special guest.

    [Game Dra Night]

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