Gerugeto Shocking - 1996.06.12

Title Gerugeto Shocking Center
Aired 1996.06.12
Songs Hitasura Maemuki (Sakurai Tomo)
Host Ide Kouji
Chiba Reiko ()
Guest Sakurai Tomo ()
Virtual Inoue Kikuko (׻)

[I am only summarizing the seiyuu related parts. - H.Doi]

Sakurai Tomo was the guest, and she answered some questions by fans that were faxed in.

Q: What would you have been if you weren't a seiyuu?
Tomo: When I was little I wanted to be a nursery school teacher.

Q: What do you collect, and what do you like?
Tomo: I like anpan. I don't eat it as much now, but last year, I ate anpan every morning. I received a lot of anpan from fans all over Japan. The anko is important, but the taste of anpan depends on the bread.
Q: Which anpan do you recommend?
Tomo: Ginza Kimuraya's petite anpan.

Q: Did anything "good" happen because you became a seiyuu?
Tomo: Little kids come up to me and say, "Please do that voice." When I do it, they say, "Oh, it's just like it." I like that.

Then Tomo did some of her Saint Tail voices.

Q: What kind of seiyuu do you want to be? What role had the biggest impression on you?
Tomo: I've only done five TV anime roles. I like all of the characters that I've done. So I can't pick a number one. Most of my roles are very similar, except for one.

Then Tomo did her Shera Shera (El Hazard) voice.
"Teyande! Sake ga nomitaize!"

Q: Where do you like to go shopping?
Tomo: Since my office is near Shinjuku, I like to get off at Shinjuku. Until last year, I went to Ginza a lot, but I don't go there much any more.

Tomo brought two presents for listeners. One was a sauna hat and the other was some cosmetic water.

Then they played "Hitasura Maemuki" from Tomo's album, Cherry.

Tomo said that she will be doing the Saint Tail musical from 7/26, and will be going to 30 places all over Japan. She will also have a concert on 8/18 at the Akasaka Blitz. There will be around 18 to 20 songs in that concert.

[Tomo was on the air for about 20 minutes.]

Akihabara Young Denkikan

In the "Akiyan" corner, they used a seiyuu CD-ROM to do a "virtual date". Today they used Inoue Kikuko's voice clock CD-ROM. Katou Kensou acted the part of the guy, and Chiba Reiko used the computer to say Inoue Kikuko's lines.

The setting was: Kensou going to a red light district shop. Kikuko was one of the working girls..
[very bad taste]

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