Gerugeto Shocking - 1997.05.27

Title Gerugeto Shocking Center
Aired 1997.05.27
Songs Mayonaka ni Oideyo (Girls Be)
Host Ide Kouji
Chiba Reiko ()
Guest Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)

Toyoshima Machiko was a guest for the "after midnight" portion, and was on the air for around 15 minutes.

They talked a little about the event that they had in March. (Girls Be was a guest at the Geruge Flea Market event.)
Machiko: Thank you for coming.

When asked if she remembers the people who come to her events, Machiko said that she does.

Machiko brought two summer pajamas as presents.

Machiko sleeps with pajamas, and she sleeps on a mat. She said that her room was too small for a bed.

Machiko's room was around 6.5 jou (1 jou = 1 tatami mat, 90cm x 180cm), and it was a 1K room (single room with a kitchen). She doesn't have that much in her room, just a TV and such.

When she's at home, Machiko doesn't watch TV much. She said that she starts talking to the TV when she watches TV alone. Also at night when the TV broadcast ends, she feels very sad. Machiko likes to read books at home.

Then they played the new Girls Be song, "Mayonaka ni Oideyo".

The new Girls Be "maxi" single will go on sale 6/21. In addition to this song, it will contain solo versions of Girls Be, and also the Bamboo Bears version (where the lyrics have been changed for the TV show OP). There is one karaoke track, and there are 6 in total. The jacket picture has them wearing French style clothes.

Also Machiko does the voice of Supika, who introduces videos on the late night Fuji TV show Stardas.

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