Gerugeto Shocking Center - 1997.09.09

Toyoshima Machiko (˭迿)
Ceil no Yakusoku (Girls Be)
The guest was Toyoshima Machiko. Matsumoto Rica (who was one of the special cohosts this night) was also there.

One of the Geruge guys said that Machiko came alone. At the beginning, she came with her manager, but now she knows her way around, so she comes alone now.

The "present" that Machiko brought was an aromatherapy set.

Q: Do you use it at home?
Machiko: I don't use a pot and such, but I put some drops in the bath. If you use too much, it's a little sickening.

Q: How do you relax?
Machiko: I just sit around and do nothing. Since I listen to sounds a lot at work, I stay quiet at home.

Then they played Cecil no Yakusoku from the Girls Be second album, French Daisakusen.

After the song, one of the Geruge guys said that Girls Be was great.
Machiko: Really? Weren't you just saying something?

Then he said that Girls Be even had a gaijin fan, and that they were international. Machiko laughed about it, and said that if you praise something too much, it sounds like there is a hidden meaning behind it.

Then the guy said that Machiko was saying things about Kuwashima Houko during the song.. He said again that he liked Girls Be.

Machiko said that the Girls Be CD is sometimes in the seiyuu corner and sometimes in the normal music corner.

Machiko: We would like to do something as Girls Be. When we do, please come.

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