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  • Game Game Party - 1998.01.12

    Ohkura Raita (scenario writer)
    Love Is (Kawamura Ryuuichi)
    The guest was Ohkura Raita (scenario writer). He was the scenario writer for Kekkon, and is now doing various things for Sentimental Graffiti.

    Raita said that he does most of his writing at night, and he has to be alone when writing.

    Then they played Love Is by Kawamura Ryuuichi, which was a song that Raita liked.

    The present by Raita was 5 sets of Sentimental Graffiti novels.

    Then Junko read some letters.

    Sotsugyou Album will go on sale 1/15. This is software for the Sega Saturn. It will have art of the girls from Sotsugyou, Sotsugyou II, and Sotsugyou III. There is also a movie file of the talk among the Sotsugyou seiyuu, including a "sailor fuku" incident by Tsuru Hiromi.

    Then Junko read some more letters.

    The guest next week will be Tabeta Toshio of NEC Interchannel.

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