Game Game Party - 1998.01.19

Title Game Game Party
Aired 1998.01.19
Songs Sentimental Love (SG Tears)
Drama none
Host Shimakata Junko (߻)
Guests Tabeta Toshio (NEC Interchannel)

Junko read many letters from listeners. People asked about the kanji for her name, and also what the opening and ending songs for this radio show was. The song is "Happy Bell" from Sotsugyou III, and it will go on sale 3/21.

The guest was NEC Interchannel game producer Tabeta Toshio. There was a question about why Sotsugyou S was late in coming out. They wanted to fix a lot of things. The voices for Sotsugyou S were all retaken.
Junko: It's the same dialogue, but the acting might be different..

There was a question about Sentimental Graffiti. What does the boy's father do fo a living, to cause him to move so much? How did the girls find the boy's address? But there weren't any answers for these..

"This game is a game where you reject 11 girls.."

Then they played "Sentimental Love" by SGT, which is the theme song to Sentimental Graffiti.

They were giving away 5 Sotsugyou S and 5 Sentimental Graffiti games as presents.

Then Junko read a lot of letters. The was a question about which games she suggests playing. Junko answered Marriage and Sotsugyou Vacation on the Playstation and Sotsugyou S on the Saturn.

Several people said they saw Shimakata Junko's name on various TV shows and movies. Junko said that she did the voices in them, like announcements, but she didn't appear in person.

The Sotsugyou III drama will begin next week.

The Sotsugyou III concert will take place on 3/1 at Club Citta. Tickets went on sale 1/18.

Junko said that she had never taken a print club picture.

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