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  • クリームソーダとギムレット - 1996.06.10

    Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子)
    Family Sentai Kazokuman no Theme (Inoue Kikuko)
    Akira said that there were many letters asking them of the location of this bar Gimlet. He said that he will keep it a secret for a while, but he gave some hints. It's close to an embassy of some country, and it's not on a main street.

    The guest for tonight was Inoue Kikuko.

    Before Kikuko had arrived, Chiyako and Kyoko were talking about how they liked Kikuko and how cute (in personality) she was. Chiyako said that she wished that she was like Kikuko. Then Kikuko came in saying, "I was here, but I'm so embarrassed I couldn't stand it." Kyoko mentioned that Kikuko was wearing a yellow, flower design one piece dress.

    Akira: First off, what would you like to drink?
    Kikuko: Attack number 1.
    Akira: Eh!? Do I have to make a cocktail like that?
    Akira: Oh, karaoke..
    Kyoko: We use a live band here..
    Kikuko: Mugi-cha. [barley tea]
    Akira: This is a shot bar, so we do have alcohol.

    Akira: I understand how Chako says that she likes you. You're one of the few people who still watch over me. When I say some joke, other people will just ignore me, but you say, "わぁ.. それおもしろい." [Waa sore omoshiroi - Wow, that's funny]
    Kikuko: But even if it's boring..
    Akira: So it's boring.
    Kikuko: No, no. I don't mean that..
    Akira: You're very nice.
    Kyoko: She meant that it's funny because you say it.
    Akira: I wonder how I'm supposed to take that statement..

    [short skit]

    Kikuko did the voices of the Kazokuman characters, as they all came into the bar. When Kyoko asked how many people there were, Kikuko answered, "Just one."

    [end of skit]

    Kikuko: Kyoko's, you're blood type is A? You don't look it.
    Chako: Why?
    Kikuko: I think she's pizza.

    Then they talked a little bit more about signs and blood types. Everyone else just kept laughing at the things that Kikuko said. Whenever somebody asked a slightly difficult question, Kikuko would say, "わかんない" [Wakannai - I don't know] and go onto something else.

    Then they played Family Sentai Kazokuman no Theme by Inoue Kikuko.

    Akira: Do you cook?
    Kyoko: Can I ask this?
    Kikuko: Yes.
    Kyoko: You're a newlywed. How is your married life?
    Kikuko: Getting used to it little bit at a time.
    Chiyako: It must be fun living with you.
    Kikuko: I can't do much..
    Akira: So you don't do anything?
    Kikuko: Sometimes.
    Kyoko: But if your husband doesn't mind..
    Kikuko: He's already given up.
    Kyoko: But it's a great technique to make him give up.
    Akira: They say that at the beginning, since it's the most important, it's best not to do too much.

    Chiyako: I want to hear about her cooking.
    Kikuko: I like cooking. But I don't have that much opportunity to cook.
    Kyoko: You have to work too.
    Kikuko: When I cook, I sing and have lots of fun.
    Chiyako: What do you cook?
    Kyoko: Oh, you told me before that you like to talk like you were on a cooking program when you're cooking by yourself.
    Kikuko: Yes, I say things like, "Let's add some salt over here." Or something like, "While this is cooking, let's go make something over here."
    Akira: You do this when you are alone?
    Kikuko: Yes.
    Chiyako: What kind of menu?
    Kikuko: Omlette rice or fried vegetables.
    Akira: The kind of things that even I can make.
    Kyoko: But at home, one doesn't make that much fancy things.
    Akira: What is your specialty?
    Kikuko: Specialty? Drawing a picture with the ketchup on the omlette rice.
    Kyoko: What picture are you good at drawing?
    Kikuko: Many things.
    Akira: Do you draw fish?
    Kikuko: A fish is standard, but I like to play tic-tac-toe on the rice too. I play by myself and always end up in a tie.
    Everyone just cracked up!

    At the end, Kikuko said, "I wanted to talk a little bit more mature, but it didn't turn out that way."

    Kyoko: But there are still many things I want to ask. Can you come again next week?
    Kikuko: Can I come again? Ok.

    After Kikuko left..
    Akira: I always feel that 30 minutes is so short.

    Akira: How was it talking to Kikuko for around 30 minutes? Do you still feel like you want to be like her?
    Chiyako: Yes.

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