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  • クリームソーダとギムレット - 1996.06.17

    Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子)
    Fuchuu Shigure (Saginomiya Sakura)
    Kikuko came out and said that she was going to try to be more mature.. but it only lasted a few seconds, and she reverted to her normal self. Akira asked what Kikuko did when she was alone, and Kikuko said that she thinks about the human passions (joy, anger, sadness, etc).

    Kikuko: The other day I was walking in Shinjuku, and I bumped into an old man. I apologized, but he yelled out, "Boke!" It was a big shock.
    Akira: There aren't many people who call you boke.
    Kikuko: Well, I hear it a lot in places when I'm not around. But this was a big shock. I was thinking about it for about half a day. I was wondering why people get angry.

    Kyoko: I scolded a crow the other day. It was going through the garbage, so I told it not to do so. Then it stared at me.
    Chiyako: A crow is very scary.
    Kyoko: I like crows.
    Akira: Why do you like it? What do you like about it?
    Kyoko: Everything. I like everything about it. I like birds.
    Kikuko: You like any kind of bird?
    Kyoko: Yes, I like crows, owls.. I wish I can have a pet owl.
    Kikuko: This has got to be related to your past life.
    Kyoko: But I like snakes too. Also alligators. I think it's so cute. I like the expressionless face. So I don't like the ones with expressions. For example the dragon in Never Ending Story. I don't like that. I like the faces that don't show expression, but still show feelings.
    Kikuko: That's very deep.

    Then they played Fuchuu Shigure by Saginomiya Sakura.

    Kikuko: Recently I sing about a lot of things, but I wish everyone would sing too.
    Kyoko: You want everyone to be a song writer?
    Kikuko: When you think about it as song writing, it seems difficult. But you should just sing whatever is on your mind.
    Chiyako: So without music or anything? Do you hit your pen against the desk or something?
    Kikuko: Sometimes I do that, but you don't need music.

    Kikuko: Recently I made my theme song.

    Then Kikuko sang her theme song. "Shalalala, shalalala, shalalala, shalalala, shalalala, Manbou mitaina Inoue Ki - Ku - Ko."

    Then Kikuko and Kyoko sang it together. After that Kikuko made theme songs for everyone.

    [short skit]

    Kikuko gave an alarm clock as a present to her boy friend because he was always late. But with the new alarm clock, her boy friend was late more than before. The alarm clock had Kikuko's song as the alarm, and the song was a very slow, lullaby-like song.

    [end skit]

    Kikuko talked a little bit about her compilation CD that will come out on 7/3. The title is ふんわりのびのび (Funwari Nobi Nobi).

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