Girls Be no Nanikato Poyo Poyo - 1997.04.08

Girls Be (Girls Be)
Shikari Shite yo (Girls Be)
Seifuku (Girls Be)
[summary by Joe Petrow]

This was the first broadcast of this radio program.

Machiko and Houko talked about how this radio program came to be. They figured there were a lot of people who were listening to them for the first time, so they were using this first episode to introduce themselves to everybody. First, Machiko talked briefly about herself, then they cut to taped comments of Houko talking about Machiko. Then Houko talked briefly about herself, followed by taped comments of Machiko talking about Houko.

Saikin Nanika to Girls Be da yo nee!

Machiko talked a little bit about the kind of work she does, and her current roles Noriko in Nuubee. Houko mentioned that in April she was starting her role as Filia in Slayers Try.

Then they explained how Girls Be came to be. They were inserted into the Boys Be manga as image characters. These girls then released the soundtrack album "Sayonara ha Iwanai"

They announced the release of the Girls Be album on MD format on April 21st. But both Houko and Machiko said that they didn't have MD players. They asked people who hadn't bought the CD, or those who were hearing them for the first time to buy the MD. (^_^;)

They also announced the release of a new song on June 21st. But they didn't know what kind of song it would be.

Then they played the opening theme from the radio show, Girls Be.

Then there was a lot of free talk... (This corner has a name...but I couldn't figure out what it was. ^_^;)

Then they played Shikkari Shite yo.

Girls Be no Naruhodo da yo

This is the corner where they read postcards from listeners. They weren't expecting any for the first show, but still received some.

They got a letter from a person who was soon moving to Tokyo, who said he would climb the Tokyo Tower if he could still hear the show.

Houko and Machiko started talking about seifuku (school uniforms) Machiko said her high school outfit was black with a long skirt. Houko said she wore a very boring, simple serafuku.

They gave the address for postcards, then played the Girls Be cover of the Matsuda Seiko song Seifuku.

At the end they plugged the Boys Be Drama CD, the MD, and the new song.

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