Haoujuku 1995.01.27

Title Haoujuku
Air Date 1995.01.27
Songs Nostalgic Lover (Hayashibara Megumi)
Guests none

Satake Masaaki said, "There are some colds going around now."
Megumi said, "I was in a Niagara state the other day. I had an after recording. Good thing it wasn't anime, so I didn't have to match the voices to the pictures. No matter which direction I looked, the script was looking fuzzy. But when that was over, I was all right."

They talked about games..

Haou (a gaming magazine) will come with a booklet for Virtua Fighter 2. There is a list of moves and other information about it. Megumi said, "I was waiting for it!"

The Sega Saturn sold 500,000 units and Sony Playstation sold 300,000 units already. They already have some used Sega Saturns in used game stores. Megumi said, "I can't believe it. The games are just coming out."

For the Saturn, Daytona USA will go on sale this spring.

For the Playstation, Starblade Alpha and Vampire will come out.

Virtua Fighter 2 will also come out by the end of the year, for Saturn.

Last year there were a lot of RPG. This year it will be the year of simulation games.

Megumi said, "Hiyama Nobuyuki is a history otaku. When we go to a bookstore, he always goes to the history section and stays there."

They played "Nostalgic Lover" a song from the Tekkaman Blade 2 CD singles, by Hayashibara Megumi.

Next week will be a game music request special.

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