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  • Hexamoon Guardians - 1999.04.18

    Maria read the opening message.

    Kikuko and Maria said that they both have something to do with the moon. Kikuko was a manbou in a former life, and it is said that a manbou is a fish of the moon in some language. Maria was a rabbit in a former life, so she came from the moon.

    Maria said that she told her parents that he got engaged, on April 1 (as an April fool joke). Kikuko said that she forgot that it was April fool, so she couldn't tell any jokes.

    The first corner was "tuiterune notterune", where people sent in stories of their "tsuki" (good luck).

    Kikuko said that she will teach Maria how to drive.. She said that all you had to do was step on the accelerator to go, and the brake to stop. When Maria asked how to go back (reverse), Kikuko said that you put the lever in the "B" position for "back"..

    The next corner was "tsuki", where people sent in letters about something that makes them upset, and asking for Maria to "tsuki" (poke at it).

    The next corner was the musical corner by the Kiku Mari Kagekidan Tsuki Gumi, Kaguyahime. Kikuko did the voice of grandfather, grandmother, and person from the moon. Maria did the voice of Kaguya.

    The next corner was Hexamoon jouhou, where they gave out information on the game Hexamoon Guardians. Hexamoon is the name of another world that existed at the same coordinates as the moon. The 6 princesses escaped from Hexamoon, and the player has to help them.

    Kikuko said that her talk CD Onee-chan to Issho Haru no Gou will go on sale 4/21.

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