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  • Hexamoon Guardians - 1999.05.02

    Yume Miru Tegami (Inoue Kikuko, Yamamoto Maria)
    Maria read the opening message.

    The first corner was "tuiterune notterune", where people sent in stories of their "tsuki" (good luck).

    Kikuko said that she used to work at a flower shop for about one year. There was a set of flowers for 750 yen. When someone paid with a 1000 yen bill, Kikuko always gave them 350 yen in change.. Kikuko said that she didn't realize it for about 2 months.

    The next corner was "tsuki", where people sent in letters about something that makes them upset, and asking for Maria to "tsuki" (poke at it).

    The next corner was the musical corner by the Kiku Mari Kagekidan Tsuki Gumi, Roma no Oneechan no Kyuujitsu. Kikunya was done by Kikuko, and the reporter (Gremari Peck) was done by Maria.

    Both Maria and Kikuko said they liked the movie "Roman Holiday".

    The next corner was Hexamoon jouhou, where they gave out information on the game Hexamoon Guardians. They talked about the princess Deana. She was a very strong character, and Kikuko said she never did a character like that.

    Then they played Yume Miru Tegami, the ending song of this radio show, by Inoue Kikuko and Yamamoto Maria. They want people to send in some ideas for the name of the unit formed by Kikuko and Maria.

    Maria said that she would have her first live at the University of Tokyo May Festival.

    Kikuko said that her talk CD Onee-chan to Issho Haru no Gou is on sale now.

    Kikuko said that she cut her hair very short. Maria said that it was above the shoulders.

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