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  • Hexamoon Guardians - 1999.05.09

    Haru (Inoue Kikuko)
    Kikuko read the opening poem.

    The first corner was "tuiterune notterune", where people sent in stories of their "tsuki" (good luck).

    The next corner was "tsuki", where people sent in letters asking for Maria to "tsuki" (poke at it).

    Kikuko said that if people wore bathing suits on rainy days, then there wouldn't be a problem with their clothes getting wet.

    The next corner was the musical corner, where the Kiku Mari Kagekidan "Tsuki Gumi" does a musical. This week, the story was "Alps no Shoujo Mariji". The characters were Mariji (genki girl, voice by Maria) and Kikulala (a sick girl who couldn't walk, voice by Kikuko).

    The next corner was Hexamoon jouhou, where they give information about the game Hexamoon Guardians, that will go on sale this winter. They gave information about one of the characters Princess Artemis.

    Some pictures of the first recording of this radio show are at the Increment P home page (www.incrementp.co.jp).

    Then they played Haru from Kikuko's CD Mizuumi.

    Kikuko said that her video will come out on 5/17, called Tansuigyo. It will have music video clips and also some clips from her concert tour.

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