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  • Hexamoon Guardians - 1999.05.16

    Drill de Runrun Kuru Runrun (Omimura Mayuko, Kawana Midori)
    Maria read the opening message.

    Kikuko and Maria are requesting for letters to name their group. They said that they will probably choose the name next week.

    The first corner was "tuiterune notterune", where people sent in stories of their "tsuki" (good luck).

    The next corner was "tsuki", where people sent in letters asking for Maria to "tsuki" (poke at it).

    Maria likes kigurumi, and she wants to wear a Mickey Mouse kigurumi. Maria said that there were kigurumi which had fans and air conditioners inside it. Kikuko said that she wants to wear a ikura (little fish eggs) kigurumi. This was because her daughter likes ikura.

    Maria said that her body was sore all over, as she just had her school athletic festival.

    The next corner was Kiku Mari Gakekidan 6th act, Uchuu Keiji Mariman. Kikuko did the voice of Kikunii (a cute girl, Mariman's date), and Maria did the voice of Mariman. Kikuko also did the voice of the Manbou monster, and the narration.

    The next corner was "Hexamoon jouhou", where they gave information on the game Hexamoon Guardians. They gave information on the princess Lune.

    Then they played Drill de Runrun Kuru Runrun by Omimura Mayuko and Kawana Midori, the opening song to the D4 Princess anime, and their radio show.

    Maria said that she will have her first concert event at the University of Tokyo May festival on 5/30.

    Kikuko said that her video Tansuigyo will go on sale 5/17.

    [Hexamoon Guardians]

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