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  • Hexamoon Guardians - 1999.07.11

    Drill de Runrun Kuru Runrun (Shiawase Croissant)
    [#14] Ari to Tai no Daibouken
    Kikuko said that she likes the choco-coffee flavored Papiko. She buys the normal sized and kids sized one and drinks it together with Hocchan (her daughter).

    Maria said that she likes milk and yogurt. She said that her lifestyle was like a cow recently. She likes meat (beef) and eats meat all the time. She also drinks milk. Then she likes to sleep right after eating.

    Maria said she likes to collect telephone cards of places that she has traveled. She bought one of a fox in Hokkaidou. Kikuko and Maria said that foxes were cute.

    Kikuko said that she forgot her umbrella at a recording studio today..

    Maria said that she found a three year old package of beef jerkey in her bag (that she had forgotten about).

    Maria said that she wants to be the governor of Tokyo someday. Kikuko said that she would vote for her, but then she realized that she didn't live in Tokyo..

    The Kiku Mari Kagekidan musical (number 14) was Ari to Tai no Daibouken. The cast was Mike Ma-tai-son (Kikuko) and Muhammed Hataraki-ari (Maria).

    There will be various new Hexamoon Guardians goods on sale at the Tokyo Character Show 7/24 and 7/25. Figures, premium trading cards (available only at the event), clear files..

    There will be a Hexamoon Guardians manga starting in the October issue of Dengeki Daiou.

    There will be a guest next week, Mannaka Yukiko.

    Kikuko and Maria said they wanted to sing many songs. Then they played Drill de Runrun Kuru Runrun by Kikuko and Maria.

    Maria will have some events for the Nanako Kaitaishinsho OAV. 7/20 13:00 Ishimaru Soft One, 7/20 15:30 Yamagiwa Soft, 7/24 13:00 Animate Ikebukuro, 7/24 17:00 Yamagiwa Yokohama.

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