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  • Hexamoon Guardians - 1999.11.11

    [#27] Nihon Okashi Banashi
    The opening message was read by Maria. Maria said that the opening messages were getting more and more embarrassing to read.

    The first corner was "tsuiterune notterune".

    The next corner was the "otsukiai" corner.

    Maria said that she got a dog (only 50 days old) at the end of October. It's name was Mel (from Caramel).

    The Kiku Mari Kagekidan musical was Nihon Okashi Banashi. There were two mini stories in this musical. In the first story, Kikuko did the voice of the old woman, and Maria did the voice of Momo-tart and the narrator. In the second story, Kikuko did the voice of the old man and the narrator, and Maria did the voice of Kashiya-hime.

    The next corner was the Hexamoon information corner. They will start to put fan drawings in the Increment P home page.

    There will be a Shiawase Croissant Christmas event on 12/19 at the Eggman in Shibuya.

    Kikuko's Oneechan to Issho Aki no Gou will go on sale 11/17. Also Kikuko will appear at the Denki Tsuushin Daigaku school festival on 11/21. Kikuko did a voice in one of the student made anime, and there will be a talk show.

    [Hexamoon Guardians]

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