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  • Hexamoon Guardians - 1999.12.09

    Funky Sleepy Rock'n Roll (Shiawase-san & Kururin-chan)
    [#31] Shiawase Christmas Monogatari
    The opening message was read by Maria. The messages are getting more and more embarrassing, and Maria said that the script writer is trying to tease her.

    The first corner was "Maria's tsuki" corner.

    The next corner was "otsukiai shitekudasai".

    The Kiku Mari Kagekidan musical was (#31) Shiawase Christmas Monogatari. This was the first "original" story that they had done, and it was about Christmas. Maria did the role of the young girl, and Kikuko did the role of the gentleman and the wife.
    [This musical seemed longer than usual..]

    Then they played Funky Sleepy Rock'n Roll by Shiawase-san and Kuririn-chan, from the Shiawase Kururun with D4 Princess CD.

    Maria said that she will be in the TV anime Seraphim Call episode 11, in the role of Tachibana Urara.

    There was no Hexamoon information corner this broadcast.

    [Hexamoon Guardians]

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