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  • Hexamoon Guardians - 2000.02.17

    [#39] Shiawase Valentine Monogatari
    The opening poem was read by Maria.

    Kikuko and Maria will be on the cover of the next Ani Raji Grand Prix magazine. They will be giving away 5 signed posters.

    The first corner was Maria's "tsuki" corner.

    Kikuko said that since it was dry out recently, she wears a mask and puts a wet tissue inside to keep her throat from drying too much.

    The next corner was "otsukiai shitekudasai".

    The Kiku Mari Kagekidan musical was (#39) Shiawase Valentine Monogatari. Kikuko did the voice of Kikuo, and Maria did the voice of Maria. This story was very good. Maria was very cute.

    The next corner was the Hexamoon information corner. The release date of Hexamoon Guardians has slipped to March. They are also working on a CD-ROM of this radio show.

    [There was a CM for the CD-ROM of this radio show. It will be mail order only, for 4800 yen. The information is on the Increment P web page.]

    Maria's first solo CD single will go on sale 3/23. The title will be Venus to Chiisana Kamisama. This song will be the ending song to the new TV anime Near Under Seven.

    [Hexamoon Guardians]

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