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  • Hexamoon Guardians - 2000.02.24

    [Dream Power 2000 special] Zoku Shiawase Pan'ya-san
    The opening poem was read by Kikuko and Maria. They played clips from the Dream Power 2000 public recording event.

    The first corner was Maria's "tsuki" corner.

    The first letter was from Enomoto Atsuko, who complained about the high costs of telephone usage which prevents her from using the Internet too much.

    The last letter was from Kikuko's older sister, who complained about her super "boke" younger sister. They went to eat Peking Duck, and had to wait a long time. When Kikuko got it, she was disappointed that she only got the skin. She didn't know that Peking Duck was just the skin.

    The Kiku Mari Kagekidan musical was the "Dream Power 2000 special" Zoku Shiawase Pan'ya-san. There were two special guests. Kikuko did the role of the bread maker, Maria did the voice of croissant, Mizuno Manabi did the voice of curry bread, Iizuka Mayumi did the voice of choco coronet.

    The next corner was the Hexamoon information corner. They said that they were 97% completed with Hexamoon Guardians.

    They are also working on the CDROM of this radio show. Kikuko and Maria will have a photo shoot in a few days. They will wear various outfits for the seasons.

    [The cutoff date for ordering the Hexamoon Guardians radio CDROM is 3/3.]

    Maria's first CD single will go on sale 3/23. It will be the ending theme for the TV anime Near Under Seven.

    [Hexamoon Guardians]

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