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  • Kaettekita Sentimental Night - 1998.07.21

    Nishiguchi Yuka (ͭ)
    Yonemoto Chizu ()
    Suzuki Urarako ()
    The leader this week was Nishiguchi Yuka. Yuka said that she was very nervous. Chizu said that Yuka's face was very red.

    Yuka asked everyone if there was anything different from last week. Chizu changed her hair style. Urarako said that she's playing a different game.

    Yuka said that she's sleepy because she's in the middle of exams. Also Urarako pointed out that Yuka had gotten older. Then Yuka said that she was 20 now. (She said the same thing last year.) Urarako pointed out that Yuka always lies about her age. Then Yuka said that she was actually 16.

    [CM (by Nozomi and Yukari): Sotsugyou III desktop collection, going on sale in August.]

    Urarako and Chizu read letters for the sentimental mistake corner.

    Yuka said that there was a time when she cut her foot on her alarm clock. She realized that she cut her foot, but she was sleepy so she just kept sleeping. When she woke up, her sheets were red with blood.

    Yuka read a letter for the "dengon ban" corner.

    Urarako and Chizu read letters for the "okunijiman" corner.

    There will be a new radio drama next week. It will be a story of the girls meeting in Tokyo.

    Then they read some more letters.

    This was the final broadcast for group A. But they will all return for the final broadcast.

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