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  • Kaettekita Sentimental Night - 1998.08.18

    Makishima Yuki (ͭ)
    Okamoto Asami (㸫)
    Konno Hiromi ()
    Tokyo Shuugou, Akihabara 1
    Group C returned as the hosts. The girls were very happy and relieved that the concert was over. Hiromi and Asami were loud, and Yuki told the "kids" to be quiet.

    Asami and Hiromi read letters for the "sentimental mistake" corner.

    Asami said that she was working part time at a restaurant.

    Yuki read a letter for the "dengon ban" corner.

    Asami and Hiromi read letters for the "okuni jiman" corner.

    The drama was Tokyo Shuugou, Anata wo Motto Shiritakute Akihabara story part 1.

    After the drama, the girls gave out some information about the current radio drama series. The first group of girls went to Asakusa, the second group went to Akihabara, and the last group went to Shinjuku.

    The title of this drama is Tokyo Shuugou, Anata wo Motto Shiritakute. The 3 drama CDs containing these stories, and some unaired talk will go on sale later.

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