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  • Kaettekita Sentimental Night - 1998.09.08

    Suzuki Mariko (Τ)
    Maeda Ai (İ)
    Okada Junko (Ľ)
    Tokyo Shuugou, Shinjuku story, part 1
    It was group D's turn, and Mariko was the leader.

    Ai said that she has started using a computer (Internet). She bought a printer, and wants to buy a scanner next.

    Junko said that she was learning how to drive. She got her drivers permit, so she can practice on the roads.

    Ai and Junko read letters for the "sentimental mistake" corner.

    Junko said that she had weak bones, and fractured her left foot many times when she was little (just a crash, not totally broken).

    Then Mariko read a letter for the "dengon ban" corner.

    Ai and Junko read letters for the "okuni jiman" corner.

    The drama was Tokyo Shuugou, Anata wo Motto Shiritakute, Shinjuku story, part 1.

    After the drama, Mariko read out the information about the playstation game Sentimental Journey, going on sale 9/23.

    The first pressing of drama CDs 7 (on sale 9/26), 8 (10/31), and 9 (11/28) will come with a clear sticker.

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