Kabocha ni Onegai - 1997.10.26

Title Kabocha ni Onegai
Date 1997.10.26
Songs Koi Mitai na Kanji (Sakurai Tomo)
Watashi no Kare ha Pilot (Sakurai Tomo)
Forever Dream (Sabrina)
Namida ni Kuchizuke (Sakurai Tomo)
Tasogare Lonely (Sakurai Tomo)
Host Sakurai Tomo ()
Guest none

This week was a special "time machine ni onegai", where they looked back at the 10 years of Tomo's career.

Tomo: Please get ready to record this.. "Here we go."
[Tomo said "here we go" in English.]

The first BGM [Tomo talked while the song played in the background] was "Koi Mitai na Kanji". Tomo talked a little about Saint Tail. Tomo said she hasn't met Kikuko in a long time.

The next BGM was "Watashi no Kare ha Pilot". This is from the CD Mylene Jenus sings Lin Minmei. This album went to 7th in the Oricon charts. Then Tomo talked about Macross 7, where Milane was her first lead role. Also Tomo will sing a duet song with Iijima Mari.

The next BGM was "Forever Dream" by Sabrina (a 3 girl group). One single, one album, just for one year, back in 1993. It was an image song for the Tanjo -Debut- game.

In 1993, Tomo had her anime seiyuu debut in Dragon League. Also Akazukin Chacha anime and musical.

The next BGM was "Namida ni Kuchizuke". This was in 1991, and this was an insert song to the OAV Shakotan Boogie.

Then they played parts of the radio show "Lemon Angel Abunai C Party". The hosts were Emoto Miki (17), Shima Erika (16), and Sakurai Tomo (15). Tomo sounds totally different!

Then they played "Tasogare Lonely".

Tomo talked about Lemon Angel. They had lots of events, but they never had any skirts. So there were lots of pictures taken by the fans of their panties..

Then they played another segment from the Lemon Angel radio show. Tomo read a letter about "chin chin", "tama tama", and ...

Then there was another segment. Tomo talked about which stuffed animal she was going to sleep with. At the end Tomo said, "Mickey, please don't do ecchi things to me like last time."

Tomo said her voice (of 10 years ago) was very funny.

At the end, Tomo said, "Did you really record this? Please erase it."

[Kabocha ni Onegai]

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