Kabocha ni Onegai - 1997.11.23

Title Kabocha ni Onegai
Date 1997.11.23
Songs Friends (Iijima Mari and Sakurai Tomo)
Host Sakurai Tomo ()
Guest none

The other day, Tomo went to Nagoya, and heard her own radio show when she was in the car.

It's getting cold, and Tomo is "growing", i.e. gaining weight. She's eating more and more..

Tomo took a psychological test for the "kabocha no himitsu" corner.

You're going on a 10 day trip with a friend. How much are you going to bring?

Tomo said 70,000 yen.

On the second day, you got in a fight with your friend. What will you do?

Tomo said she would apologize.

The answer is how much you would save (in hiding) after you get married, and what you would do when you got in a fight with your husband/wife. Tomo commented that 70,000 yen was so little..

Then she played "Friends" by Iijima Mari and Sakurai Tomo.

This CD single has been released by Victor (Tomo's) and East West (Mari's). The first song on both CDs is "Friends", and the second song are their own songs.

Then Tomo read letters for the "hagaki butoukai" corner.

In the "countdown hero" corner, a listener sent in songs that suit "parting". The number two song was "Sweet Memories" by Matsuda Seiko, and the number one song was Tomo's "Ano Koro".

Tomo said that they will have the Christmas Fantasy Live on December 24, and most of the Asakura Kaoru Engekidan members will participate.

Also the Asakura Kaoru Engekidan will have a play (or musical?) early next year, called Jitterbug. The guest performers will be Okamoto Shin and Naomi Grace.

[Kabocha ni Onegai]

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