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  • Kabocha ni Onegai - 1997.11.30

    Friends -Jikuu wo Koete- (Iijima Mari, Sakurai Tomo)
    Tomo said that she was hoping that there will be some more kabocha (pumpkin) foods. There was a pumpkin pudding for the first broadcast. But Tomo said that there was a lot of snacks (sweets) in the studio.

    It's almost December, and there's only one month left this year.

    The Tomo Natsu 97 live video goes on sale 12/3.

    Tomo gave out a psychological test for the "kabocha no himitsu" corner.

    You are on a boat that was sinking. There is a life boat, and you can only take one animal. Which animal will you take: tiger, horse, peacock, sheep?
    Tomo picked a horse.

    The answers were:
    tiger - you will choose pride.
    horse - you will choose work.
    peacock - you will choose money.
    sheep - you will choose love.

    Then Tomo read another test. Write the following words on a piece of paper:
    moon, fire, sand, gold, sky, cloud, snow, land, stone, mountain

    Now circle the following: fire, sand, sky, cloud.

    Write down the names of people that you imagine from those 10 words. For the circled ones, write down a member of the opposite sex.

    Tomo will give out the answers next week and the following week.

    Then she played Friends -Jikuu wo Koete-, by Iijima Mari and Sakurai Tomo.

    Tomo read letters for the "hagaki butoukai" corner.

    There will be Christmas special broadcast, and Tomo will read a Christmas message from the listeners. (Must send in by this week.)

    There will be a Seiyuu Doujou event on 12/27 to 12/29. The guests will be:
    27 - Chiba Shigeru, Sakurai Tomo
    28 - Tanaka Mayumi, Yokoyama Chisa
    29 - Nozawa Masako, Sasaki Nozomu

    Tomo read a letter for the "countdown hero" corner.

    Tomo said that it was better to put names of people you actually know, for the psychological test, as it really "hits" the target.

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