Kabocha ni Onegai - 1998.01.11

Title Kabocha ni Onegai
Date 1998.01.11
Songs Love Connection (Sakurai Tomo)
Host Sakurai Tomo ()
Guest none

Tomo said that she's very afraid, of stepping on the scale. She ate too much during the new year holidays.

Tomo took a psychological test.

When you got home, there was a letter. It was an invitation to a famous resort hotel. What did you think?
When you got to the hotel, the owner was waiting for you. But there was one thing that you didn't like about him. What was it?

Tomo answered, "I'm happy." and "The face, the eye brows."
[My answers were: "don't want it" and "he doesn't leave me alone"]

The answers were:
1) this is how you act upon meeting someone new,
2) this is a point about yourself that you should be careful about when meeting new people.

There was another test (sent in by a listener). You are in a dark room with your eyes closed. When you open your eyes, how many candles do you see?
[Tomo said 3.]
There is a table in the room. How many chairs are there?
[Tomo said 3.]
There is a glass of water on the table. How much water is in it?
[Tomo said full.]

[My answers were: too many to count, 4, full.]

The answers were:
1) this is the number of people you can love at once,
2) this is the number of people in you family,
3) this is how satisfied you are with your life.

The next corner was hagaki butoukai.

Then Tomo played "Love Connection".

[I missed the last 7 minutes..]

[Kabocha ni Onegai]

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