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  • Kabocha ni Onegai - 1998.01.18

    Bouken no Kazu Dake (Sakurai Tomo)
    Tomo doesn't like the cold, and she wants it to get warm.. but she is "hot" now because of the upcoming play, Jitterbug.

    Tomo took a psychological test.

    Your friend took you to gamble, but it was something that you have never done. Your friend said something to cheer you up. What was it? After a while, you became good at the game. What place did you end up eventually?
    Tomo answered, "Don't think too much. Just try it." and "4th, out of 10."

    The "answers" of this test were, "What you would say to a kouhai (subordinates)," and "How much confidence you have in your work."

    Last year, Tomo saw a guy reading a horse racing newspaper, and the number 2-7 came into her mind. So she bought a ticket, and won. But she had only bought 2000 yen, and it became 20000 yen.

    Then she played her song Bouken no Kazu Dake, which is from Gengai Makyou.

    Then Tomo read letters for the hagaki butoukai corner.

    Tomo said that she has too much stuff at home, so she couldn't clean up too much. She threw away some of her clothes (which made her a little sad), and also her stereo (broken) and video deck. But actually her stereo wasn't broken. It just had too much dust in the CD part. But Tomo had already bought a new one.

    Tomo got many letters saying that they liked the September/October page of her 1998 calendar. But not many people liked the March/April page.

    Tomo's play Jitterbug will start 1/28, and she is rehearsing for it now.

    Tomo said that the weight she gained during the new year holiday is starting to come off.

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