Kabocha ni Onegai - 1998.02.08

Title Kabocha ni Onegai
Date 1998.02.08
Songs none
Host Sakurai Tomo ()
Guest none

[This broadcast was 20 minutes, as the last 10 minutes had a special for the Olympics.]

Tomo said that the Valentine Aid event was coming up. This was her 11th year.

Tomo took a psychological test.

You were going to be the lead role in a movie. What kind of movie is it, and what is your role? Why do you think you got chosen for it?

Tomo answered, "a heroine in a sentimental love story" and "my skills".

The answer was "what you wanted to experience" and "the things that you think you are missing".

Tomo said that it was right on, as she thinks that her skills are lacking.

There was another test. You bought a music box that you really liked. But it suddenly stopped playing. When was it? When you bought it? A couple days after? Or when you had forgotten about it? Then, what did you feel?

Tomo answered, "3 days" and "I was disappointed, but it got fixed right away".

The answer was "the time until your love ends" and "your feeling when the love ended".

The next corner was hagaki butoukai.

[Kabocha ni Onegai]

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