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  • Kabocha ni Onegai - 1998.02.15

    [Because of the Olympics, this broadcast was only 20 minutes.]

    Tomo said that she passed out a lot of chocolates at the Valentine Aid event. It will be broadcast next week.

    Tomo took a psychological test.

    You went to a famous beauty parlor for the first time. They cut your hair, but they really messed up. How do you complain?
    1) say, "this is totally wrong!"
    2) say, "I asked you to do this.." [describe it]
    3) say, "please cut it some more," and ask them to fix it.
    4) don't say anything.

    Tomo answered 3.

    This determines where your pride is. The answers were:
    1) you have pride in your beauty as a woman.
    2) you have pride in your intelligence.
    3) you have pride in your work and social skills.
    4) your inferiority complex is stronger than your pride.

    Then Tomo read some letters for the hagaki butoukai corner.

    Tomo announced that there will be a ski tour for her fan club. She will be in the onsen group (there is also a ski group). Yuuseioujo and Nagasaki Moe will also go.

    The public recording will be broadcast next week.

    The Asakura Kaoru Engekidan spring play will take place 4/8 to 4/12.

    [Kabocha ni Onegai]

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