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  • Kabocha ni Onegai - 1998.04.05

    Kaze no Youni, Mizu no Youni (Sakurai Tomo)
    This was the last broadcast of this radio show.

    Tomo said that her next play was coming up in a few days.

    She said she never found out the reason behind the title of this radio show. Why was it "kabocha"?

    Tomo took a psychological test, which was aimed at females.

    You married a very rich man. Where would you decide to live?

    A: A quiet town at the foot of the mountains.
    B: A small island where you're the only ones living there.
    C: A peninsula where you can see a lighthouse.
    D: A busy town near a port.
    E: A traditional, old town.

    Tomo chose E. The answers was that this tells the type of love that you will show in your marriage.

    A: Very high affection.
    B: Selfish affection.
    C: Good balance of strictness and kindness.
    D: Rational, slightly romantic.
    E: Realistic, doesn't show moods in affection.

    The next corner was "hagaki butoukai", and Tomo read some letters.

    The countdown hero this week was a countdown of Sakurai Tomo songs.

    • 3. Koi no Recipe ha Daitan Futeki
      Tomo always sings this at events recently, and she likes the calls.
    • 2. Chase Your Dream
    • 1. Waracchau kedo Suki
      Tomo said that she likes the calls when she sings this. Sometimes she enjoys the calls so much that she almost forgets the lyrics.
    Then she played Kaze no Youni, Mizu no Youni.

    Tomo's play will start 4/8 and will go until 4/12.

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