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  • Kira Kira Network - 1996.11.02

    Broadcast 1
    Illusion (Invoice) [El Hazard TV OP]
    Bukiyou Janakya Koi ha Dekinai (Kozakura Etsuko) [El Hazard TV ED]
    [This was the first broadcast of this radio program.]

    Rio had made a self introduction CM (commercial) tape. She was born on March 5th, in Tokyo, and her blood type was A. Her specialty was that she had many voices. Then Rio said "good evening" in many different voices.

    Rio's work is doing anime character voices and CM narration.

    At the beginning, Rio did radio CM and narration, but recently she is doing more anime and game work. Rio says, "I'm happy." Also she went to many places for her anime events. "It was a lot of fun."

    This is Rio's debut as a radio personality, and since this show is broadcast in Kyuushuu, Rio wants to become the star of Kyuushuu.

    AIC Hot Scramble

    This corner has hot information from AIC.

    There will be a Pretty Sami CD-ROM coming out on 10/25 from AIC Spirits. It will have character setting drawings, other artwork, and many new voice samples. There will also be a new CD drama. This CD-ROM will be for Windows 95, and will cost 7800 yen.

    AIC Club is selling Tenchi Muyou, Aa Megami-sama, and other AIC anime settei shiryou collections, telephone cards, and other goods. You can get some information from them by writing a letter to them and sending a 80 yen stamp (for return postage).

    AIC Club, Kira Kira Network
    Sunhaim Nakakou 302
    3-24-15 Nakamura
    Nerima, Tokyo 176

    [I'm not sure what the return postage is for foreign countries.]

    ɣö 饭ͥåȥ

    Rio's Challenge

    Rio has a super famicom, but she likes to play Virtua Fighter 3 in the arcades. Actually she hasn't played yet, as it's still too crowded and the lines are too long.

    In the Rio's challenge corner, Rio will try to play many games and report on them.

    Rio played Illusion by Invoice, the OP song to the El Hazard TV series.

    Corner Battle

    They thought of many corners, but Rio couldn't decide which ones to do. So the listeners will choose. The list is below.

    Dramatic Days
    The listeners will send in emotional stories from daily life, and Rio will act it out.
    Yasashii Kyuushuu-ben Kouza [A kind lecture on Kyuushuu-dialects]
    Since Rio is from Tokyo, she will have the listeners teach her Kyuushuu-ben.
    Anime Song Top 10
    Listeners will choose the top 10 anime and game songs.
    Kyuushuu-ben Poem
    Rio will read poems written by listeners.
    Anime Song Kyuushuu Version
    The listeners will rewrite lyrics to famous songs in Kyuushuu style. Then Rio will sing it.
    Find Natsuki Rio
    Since Rio has many voices, she will talk in a conversation with many people, and the listeners will have to guess which voice is Rio.

    The listeners can choose two of the above. The postcards should be sent to the corner battle corner.

    Digital Information

    The world is turning digital, but Rio doesn't know much about these digital things, and still can't use a floppy disk. But this radio program will be available on the Internet, so people all over Japan, and even all over the world can access it. (The URL is not available yet.)

    However, AIC information is available on the Internet at http://www.anime-int.com/.

    Rio played Bukiyou Janakya Koi ha Dekinai by Kozakura Etsuko, the ED song to the El Hazard TV series. Rio and Inoue Kikuko sing backup vocals for the chorus part.

    Radio Drama

    Starting in broadcast 3, there will be a radio drama. The first drama will be Photon, and will be 4 parts. The main character will be done by Ishida Akira, and the narration will be done by Kobayashi Yuko.

    The second one will be Dai Undoukai, and will also be 4 parts. This is the newest story by Hayashi Hiroki, and the OAV will come out in 1997. The main character (Kanzaki Akari) in the radio drama will be done by Sugawara Aya, and will be done by Natsuki Rio in the OAV. It is a story with a lot of pretty and cute girls.

    The address for sending postcards is as follows.


    Kira Kira Network
    3-24-21-101 Nishi-Azabu
    Minato, Tokyo 106

    Also, they are accepting FAXes 24 hours at 03-3796-7187.

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