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  • Kira Kira Network - 1996.11.23

    Broadcast 4
    Chiisana Hana (Amano Yuri)
    Photon 2

    AIC Hot Scramble

    The Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sami adventure game for Windows 95 goes on sale next spring. This game will have more colors than the PC98 version, and also more events.

    The Tenchi Muyou In Love movie settei shiryou will go on sale, from AIC Club.

    Photon 2

    Photon was in a large pit, and he couldn't climb out because the walls were very slippery. Actually the walls were metallic, and it was shiny like a mirror. Photon finally discovered that Aun had written baka on his forehead.

    Photon walked around, and some defense mechanism fired some lasers at Photon. But Photon deflected it and destroyed the lasers. Then Photon broke through a door, and fell up. He went up because gravity was working backwards in that room.

    Then Photon discovered a naked girl lying in the room. The girl was only wearing some rings around her arms and thighs.

    Meanwhile Papacharino (voice by Shiozawa Kaneto) and a woman were in bed. Then Pochi (voice by Kawada Taeko) came in and interrupted them. Papacharino pounded Pochi away, but Pochi came back right away. Pochi told Papacharino that he/she had found the signal.

    Then Papacharino got a call from Princess Lashara (voice by Kawada Taeko). Papacharino said that he would go investigate immediately. Pochi told Papacharino that the signal came from a distant planet.

    Since the naked girl was still sleeping, Photon wrote baka on her forehead too. Then the girl woke up, and immediately attacked Photon. The girl fired light beams, but Photon escaped with his great speed.

    The girl chased Photon, and crashed into a wall. She finally noticed that she was naked. Then she noticed that she had the same markings on her forehead as Photon.

    Meanwhile Aun went to Laman's house. But Laman and his newlywed wife came out. Aun was shocked, and this was her 38th heartbreak.

    The girl calmed down, and introduced herself to Photon. Her name was Kiine (voice by Orikasa Ai). Photon gave Kiine his cape, but Kiine said that it was smelly.

    Kiine: When was the last time you took a bath?
    Photon: One month ago.

    Then Kiine took Photon to the bath. She said that she would even go in with him!

    [end of episode 2]

    Kiine's powers were called ahou.

    Digital Information Corner

    Rio read some letters from people who had listened to the broadcast of the radio show on the Internet. Since the Internet broadcast was ready before the actual airing in Fukuoka, one of the Internet listeners became the first person to send a postcard to the radio show.

    Rio: Even those who are listening on the radio can find new things on the Internet. There are pictures and such.

    The URL is http://www.anime-int.com/.

    They also accept e-mail letters to the radio show, at kira@anime-int.com.

    Then Rio played Chiisana Hana by Amano Yuri.

    corner battle (results)

    The results of the corner battle were ready. The two corners that won were: dramatic days and anime song top 10. These two corners will start next week.

    Rio: Please send in letters for these corners.

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