Kira Kira Network - 1996.12.14

Title Kira Kira Network
Aired 1996.12.14
Drama Dai Undoukai 1
Hosts Natsuki Rio (Ƽꥪ)
Morikubo Shoutarou

This radio program is also available on the Internet at

On 12/13, the Dai Undoukai game (Sega Saturn) went on sale. On 12/15, there will be a Dai Undoukai event in Akihabara, and Natsuki Rio will attend. Also there will be a Dai Undoukai CD going on sale, and Rio sang a song for it.

Kira Kira Mini Mini Gekijou

Rio and the mysterious boy did a short drama.

Digital Information

Rio read out the URL for the Internet "broadcast", and Rio was getting better at saying the URL.

AIC Hot Scramble

AIC now has a color catalog with pictures of the 168 telephone cards, other collector cards, and settei shiryou collections.

The Pretty Sami and El Hazard CD-ROMs went on sale. Rio is in both of them, as Nanami in El Hazard, and a guest character in Pretty Sami.

Dai Undoukai went on sale. Rio is the main character, Kanzaki Akari. The anime of Dai Undoukai is being made at AIC now. The anime is a continuation of the game, and there is also a manga and radio drama series.

The radio drama of Dai Undoukai starts today. The story takes place after the game, so it's the same time frame as the anime, but the story is different. Also the voice of Kanzaki Akari is done by Sugawara Aya in the drama.

Dai Undoukai 1

The drama was Dai Undoukai episode 1, "Fuan Doki Doki. Korette Ijime?"

It was the year 4586. The humans had gone out into space, and many of the daily chores were being done by machines. So the humans didn't exercise, and their bodies were getting weaker.

So the university satellites were formed, and girls from all over came to train. Every year, there was a competition called the Dai Undoukai.

Kanzaki Akari came to the university satellite dormitory. It was larger than what she had seen in high school. Akari had to register, but she was late because she got lost.

Akari met the chief of the dormitory, an upperclassman, called Emily. Emily told Akari that since she was late, she was not registered for the dorm. Since Akari had nowhere else to stay, Emily said that she would give her a chance. Akari had to pass a "test". She had to go register herself on the computer terminal by 18:00 (only 10 minutes left). But along the way, there would be some traps.

The first person that Akari ran into was Daisy Osmond, who used a notebook computer as her weapon. Daisy used her computer to find out all sorts of personal information about Akari. Akari was 16 years old and born in Hokkaidou. Daisy kept telling Akari more and more embarrassing data, and Akari finally broke Daisy's computer. Then Daisy collapsed.

The next person that Akari ran into was Arianne Nozawa. Akari said that she wouldn't have any place to stay if she couldn't register, and Arianne sympathized with her. But Arianne started attacking Akari. Akari avoided all of the attacks, so Arianne started to drink, to power up for a special attack. But Arianne got drunk and fell asleep.

Then Akari finally arrived at the terminal and started to register. But the computer kept asking her questions, like if she wanted to join the Emily fan club or buy cafeteria tickets. Akari answered that she didn't need anything, and she was able to register her name just before the system went down at 18:00.

[end of drama]

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