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  • Kira Kira Network - 1996.12.21

    Broadcast 8
    Zeni no Hana (Natsuki Rio)
    Dai Undoukai 2
    Rio read some letters from listeners. One of them asked her to introduce herself, so she did.

    Rio was born on March 5, had type A blood, was 158 cm tall, her shoe size was 23.5, right-handed, and she just cut her hair yesterday.

    Rio said that she went to Hokkaidou for an event the other day.

    They got a letter from Taiwan (via e-mail), and she read it on the air.

    Anime Song top 10

    Rio counted down the top 10 songs, chosen by listeners of this radio show.

    • 10. Seifukuou (Jinnai Katsuhiko)
    • 9. Persona
    • 8. Atsui Kimochi
    • 7. Kira Kira Kiseki
    • 6. Boku de Aru Tameni
    • 5. Bukiyou Janakya Koi ha Dekinai
    • 4. Successful Mission
    • 3. Dame yo Dame yo Dame yo
    • 2. Yume Mireba Yume mo Yume Janai
    • 1. Zeni no Hana (Natsuki Rio)

    Then Rio played Zeni no Hana.

    Dai Undoukai 2

    The drama was Dai Undoukai episode 2, Mujuuryoku no Kankaku, Hajimete no Taiken.

    Since Akari was from earth, she didn't have experience at zero gravity work. So Emily said that she needed practice, and said that she would overlook Akari's practice. Emily gave Akari an ancient, very large, bulky space suit (instead of the slim modern ones) and told her to go out into space.

    When Akari got into the space suit, she felt something touch her leg. But Emily said that there wasn't anything on the sensors.

    Emily opened the hatch and told Akari to go out. Akari didn't know what to do. Emily told her to use the hand held booster to move around. Then Akari tried it, and went spinning out of control.

    Akari paniced and started going wildly in space.. Then Akari started drifting out into space, as her life support cable got cut. She couldn't communicate with Emily any more. Akari's booster also ran out of energy, so Akari couldn't do anything. But Akari calmed herself down and set off the emergency signal.

    Akari started crying, but she got a message from someone who picked up her emergency signal. The person saved Akari and took her to her shuttle. When Akari took off her space suit, a squirrel came out of it. The person who had saved her was Chris Christopher.

    Emily got scolded very badly for causing this much trouble. She vowed to cause more pain to Akari.

    Later, when Akari went back to her room, she screamed out, because there was a naked person in her room. It was Chris Christopher. They found out that they were roommates.

    [end of drama]

    Dramatic Days

    Rio and the boy acted out a letter that was sent in by a listener.

    The boy finally revealed his identity, Morikubo Shoutarou.


    Rio announced that those who have their letters read will have some radio show goods sent to them.

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