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Itsumo Yume Miteru (Hikami Kyoko)


Kyoko: Judging from the title, we're students at a girl's high school.
Momo: We're senpai and kouhai of L Joshi Gakuen's broadcast club.
Kyoko: Since this is the first broadcast, we'll talk about what we will do and how we will make this program.
Momo: By the way, what should we call each other?
Kyoko: Um, I'm already calling you Momo-chan. Is that ok?
Momo: Yes, what do people call you?
Kyoko: Hikami, or Kyo-chan.
Momo: Then I'll call you Kyo-chan.

1st period - orientation

Kyoko: Since we're high school students, instead of corners and such, we will have periods.

Kyoko: I've never been to a girl's high school.
Momo: I'm in a girl's high school now.
Kyoko: Really? Here's a real girl's high school student here!

Kyoko: If you're with girls all the time, doesn't the topic of conversation get daring?
Momo: It does. Everyone likes that kind of stuff.
Kyoko: So it's the kind of stuff that you can't talk about on the radio.
Momo: Yeah, it's all that.

Kyoko: Even if this is a girl's high school, boys can participate. Please send in lots of letters.

2nd period - orientation

Momo: Orientation again?
Kyoko: Today is a day of orientation.
Momo: What are we going to do?
Kyoko: Now we're going to introduce ourselves.
Momo: I hate self introductions.
Kyoko: I don't like it either, but they make us do it all the time.

Kyoko: This is the first time I met you. So I don't know anything about you.
Momo: Today, the cherry blossoms are blooming, so I'm happy.
Kyoko: That's the kind of person you are?
Momo: Yes.
Kyoko: How old are you?
Momo: 17.
Kyoko: You're doing stage and acting?
Momo: Yes, until recently I was in Kinpachi Sensei.
Kyoko: I saw you!

Kyoko: Is Yonezawa Momo your real name?
Momo: Yes, Momo is in katakana.
Kyoko: Also the sawa is the hard kanji.
Momo: Yes. What kanji is your name?
Kyoko: Ice, top. Hi of Hikawa Shrine and top of top and bottom.
Momo: It's cool. Is it your real name?
Kyoko: Yes. Kyo is the one from the kyouga shinnen (쿷ǯ) [happy new year]. and ko is child.
Momo: Yone of Yonezawa is rice.

[Yonezawa Momo = ߷]
[Hikami Kyoko = ɹ嶳]

Momo talked about the practice sessions for her stage play. She will perform in a play in July/August.

Kyoko: I do talking work.
Momo: I went to an afureko audition once. It was hard, looking at the pictures and talking.
Kyoko: It's hard. You're used to acting by yourself, instead of watching something move.
Momo: Trying to match the mouth is difficult.
Kyoko: It's a specialized work.

Kyoko: I wonder if you got to know about Momo and me.

3rd period - orientation

Momo: Again?
Kyoko: We want letters from listeners.
Momo: What kind of letters?
Kyoko: Anything. You can send anything. If there are any problems, we can discuss it.
Momo: How about a school song?
Kyoko: Yes, since L Joshi Gakuen doesn't have a school song or even school rules, we can have the listeners make them.
Momo: I hate school rules! We don't need any.
Kyoko: Instead of corners please send it to the class. If you want to request a song, it would be for the music class.

Kyoko: I heard Momo is in the English course now.
Momo: Yes.
Kyoko: So if you have some questions about English, you can send it to her.
Momo: I don't know. I'll have to bring a dictionary.
Kyoko: My bilingual is Kansai-ben.
Momo: Then let's go in Kansai-ben.
Kyoko [in Kansai-ben]: I can't do it that easily.

Kyoko: Please send in the letters to the appropriate classes.
Momo: We're not going to study are we?
Kyoko: We have to study all our lives.
Momo: If we're going to study, I'm leaving.
Kyoko: Don't go. We won't study.

Kyoko: About the school song, please record it on a tape and send it to us. You don't have to write the sheet music.
Momo: If it's a good song, Kyo-chan will sing it.
Kyoko: Hey! We'll sing it together.
Momo: I have to sing?
Kyoko: Yes.
Momo: I'm tone deaf.
Kyoko: What are you saying. You do musicals.

Kyoko: Also since this is a girl's high school, you can send in about school uniforms.
Momo: Wow, ecchi!
Kyoko: Why is it ecchi?
Momo: It feels like buru-sera.
Kyoko: We're not going to sell it.

Kyoko: Also something delicious. Do you like to eat?
Momo: Yes. Oh, you're skinny.
Kyoko: I'm not. I'll show you later.

Kyoko: For the broadcast club, we will air a radio drama. Starting next week, we will broadcast Princess Quest for four weeks. It has Tange Sakura, Shiratori Yuri, Tomizawa Michie, Orikasa Ai, Inoue Kikuko, Yamaguchi Yuriko, Yamaguchi Kappei, Iwao Junko, and others.
Momo: Is this an original?
Kyoko: Yes, it's an original about some princesses trying for the prince.
Kyoko: Also if there is some request for a radio drama, please give us a letter.

4th period

Momo: Today, we will play a song from Hikami Kyoko's debut mini-album, Pure Love.

Momo chose Itsumo Yume Miteru, because she liked the lyrics.

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