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Princess Quest episode 2 first half


Kyoko: Where would you like to go if you had a vacation?
Momo: I want to go somwhere open. A lot of sky, grass, cows, and just sleep in the grass. Maybe Switzerland.
Momo: What about you?
Kyoko: I want to go to a foreign country. I'm planning a trip by myself.
Momo: Alone?
Kyoko: I don't have any friends.

Kyoko: Today's plan is 1) lunch, 2) broadcast drama, and 3) after school.

1st period - lunch

Kyoko: What do you like for school lunch?
Momo: I liked smashing the milk packs.

Kyoko and Momo read some letters.

Question: Do you cook? What is your specialty?
Momo: I cook.
Kyoko: What do you make?
Momo: I just mix everything.
Kyoko: My specialty is hiya yakko (cold tofu).

2nd period - broadcast drama

The drama was Princess Quest episode 2 (first half).

Custard and Millefeuille were drinking tea. Pepii was getting upset because it was the day before the princess contest would begin. Pepii told them to start training.

Pepii told Custard to put on a blindfold. Pepii was going to attack, and have Custard try to avoid the sword.

Millefeuille: Pepii-san, I don't think this will help Custard win the fight.
Pepii: Who said anything about winning. If she's going to lose, she has to put up some kind of fight.

Custard: Wait, Pepii! I can't see. How am I supposed to avoid the sword?
Pepii: When you can't see with your eyes, you have to see with the eyes in your heart.
Custard: I'll try.
Pepii: Feel the movement of the sword.

Then Pepii swung and hit Custard.

Custard started crying because she was no good.

Millefeuille tried to cheer up Custard by saying that even though Gelado was strong, she had some weakness.

Millefeuille: She's a little simple minded.
Custard: Simple minded?
Millefeuille: Yes.
Custard: Oh, she's stupid! I won't lose to somone like that.

Then Custard got very cocky and sand that she was going to win easily.

The next day, the contest to choose the queen began. Charlotte was in charge. The five princesses that had gathered were Chelos (from Norless), Geldo (from Sordaress), Pannakotta (from Limrea), Millefeuille (from Northland), and Custard (from Larian).

Gelado asked if they would be able to meet Prince Tapioka. Charlotte said that the winner was the only one who would be able to meet the prince.

Gelado wanted to start the martial arts training right away. Charlotte said that she would need Custard's approval. Pepii immediately said that Custard was not feeling well. But then Custard said that she was fine. Custard added that she was going to win. Gelado got very mad and the battle was about to begin.

3rd period - after school

Kyoko and Momo read some letters about various people's problems.

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