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Jajauma Quartet episode 1


A listener sent in a tape fo the L Joshi Gakuen school song. It was a guy singing, with a music background.

So Momo announced that they were going to hold the First L Joshi Gakuen School Song Koushien. This is a contest to choose the school song. The songs can be acapella (no music) or it can be accompanied by music. The lyrics and music have to be original. It can be done alone, in a group, or with a band. The submissions must be done on a cassette tape by 6/29.

They will choose 7 or 8 of the best songs and play it on the radio. Then the listeners will choose the winning song.

Kyoko: Maybe the winner can sing the song at an event.

Kyoko: The vegetable that I don't like is tomatoes.
Momo: I want to change into my summer clothes.
Kyoko: It's warm recently. Is there any vegetable that you don't like?
Momo: I like everything.
Kyoko: That's great. Today we are going to have a science class.

Kyoko: Today's plan is 1) science, 2) broadcast drama, and 3) morals.

They used to give out numbers to those who had their letters read, but it was too confusing, so they will change the system.

1st period - science

Kyoko and Momo read letters about birth spots and strange face colors.

2nd period - broadcast drama

The drama was Jajauma Quartet episode 1. This was a new 8 part radio drama starting this week.

The main characters are:

  • Joe Diamond 17th :: Miyamura Yuko
  • Coco Heartful 18th :: Yonezawa Momo
  • Casa Clover 17th :: Asada Yoko
  • Sanri Spade 17th :: Imai Yuka
  • Kaitou Flakasso :: Okiayu Ryoutarou
  • Prince Macdo :: Hikami Kyoko
  • Prince Narudo :: Hikami Kyoko

Sanri Spade was the leader of the Crown Knights.

Kyoko: This is your first radio drama, right? How was it?
Momo: Feels weird.
Kyoko: Was it fun?
Momo: Yes.

3rd period - morals

Kyoko and Momo read some letters strange school rules.

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