L女子学園放送室 - 1996.06.14

Jajauma Quartet episode 5

1st period - modern classics

Momo and Kyoko read some letters.

Kyoko said that one of her friends went to Australia, but since she didn't like animals, she didn't see the koalas.

Momo said that when she was in junior high, the whole class was cheating, and everyone got caught.

There is going to be an entrance exam (特別入試) for those who want to enter L Joshi Gakuen. There are four subjects: 特別男子科 (special male department), 特別女子科 (special female department), どうでも英文科 (English), うろこ科 (?).

Those who want to take the exam must send a letter to the following address, and must also include a self addressed, stamped (80 yen) return envelope. The cutoff date is 7/12, and you have to specify which subject you want to take the test in.


They will send the exam answer sheet in the envelope.

2nd period - broadcast drama

The drama was Jajauma Quartet episode 5.

3rd period - music

They still haven't received many entries for the L Joshi Gakuen school song contest.


Kyoko: How was your trip to Okinawa?
Momo: When we opened the door to the cottage, a bird flew out.
Kyoko: A wild bird?
Momo: The room was full of bird droppings.
Kyoko: Do you know what kind of bird it was?
Momo: It was a black one.

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