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Jajauma Quartet episode 6
Momo: What kind of person is your father?
Kyoko: He's born in the year of the mouse. How is your father?
Momo: He's very wonderful. When we go out eating or such, people always say that he's going out with a younger girl. People don't believe that I'm his daughter.
Kyoko: So he's very young?
Momo: I think so. Should we bring out fathers to school? (^_^;)

1st period - Japanese and math

Momo and Kyoko read some letters concerning some Japanese words. One letter was using words in mathematical statements to make a funny saying.

2nd period - broadcast drama

The drama was Jajauma Quartet episode 6.

3rd period - lunch and geography

Momo and Kyoko read some letters.

Momo and Kyoko both like to take a walk.

Kyoko made a mistake the other day and went to the studio a few hours early. It was a very nice day, so she went out for a walk and walked the distance of about one train station.

Momo likes rain, but only when it rains hard. She gets irritated when it rains only a little bit.

Momo said that it was raining most of the time when she was in Okinawa.

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