̽ҳر - 1996.06.28

Jajauma Quartet episode 7

1st period - school song koushien announcement

They annonced the winner of the First L Joshi Gakuen School Song Koushien.

They received a total of 14 entries. 4 of them came on a cassette with the musics and lyrics. 10 of them were people who wrote just the lyrics. They read the names of all of the people who sent in entries.

Instead of one grand winner, they had two winners: a Momo-chan prize and a Kyo-chan prize.

2nd period - broadcast drama

The drama was Jajauma Quartet episode 7.

The Jajauma Quartet drama will be released on CD. But the release date and price has not been determined yet.

3rd period - reading letters

Momo and Kyoko read some letters.

Kyoko said that she went to Korea the other day. It was a 2 night/3 day trip.

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