Lステーション - 1996.12.13

Nakagawa Akiko (中川亜紀子)
Hyper Anna 1
The guest was Nakagawa Akiko, the first female guest on the show. Akiko was going to be in the new drama Hyper Anna. Akiko will do the role of the main character Takatsuki Anna, Kaneko Mitsue will be done by Kasahara Rumi, Sankouin Yasunari will be done by Okiayu Ryoutarou, and Sawa Kasumi will be done by Yajima Akiko.

The drama was Hyper Anna 1.

Kyoko has a song on her new album (which went on sale 11/21) which was in Cantonese. Some listener wanted to know how to read the title. Kyoko said that the title was ナィヤティン (Naxi Ya Texin).

Akiko was born in Hokkaido, but she lived in Aomori for 10 years.

Akiko will have a live on 12/25 at a live house called Guilty in Ebisu.
[I think she messed up the date.]

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