Lステーション - 1996.12.27

Nakagawa Akiko (中川亜紀子)
Naxi Ya Texin (Hikami Kyoko)
Hyper Anna 3
Kyoko played Naxi Ya Texin, a Cantonese song from her Binetsu album. She said that she had a very difficult time singing this song.

A listener noticed that Hikami Kyoko's name was written in the credits for the genga section [original drawing] for Wedding Peach DX. Kyoko said that there was a scene where Momoko was writing a letter, and they used Kyoko's real handwriting for it. So Kyoko got credited with the genga.

Nakagawa Akiko's fan club was formed recently. There were about 50 people who signed up so far.

The drama was Hyper Anna 3.

Akiko said that 1996 seemed to take a long time. She did a lot of new things, so it seemed to be long. But Akiko also has a lot of things that she wants to do in 1997

Kyoko loves her work but she wants to go on a trip in 1997. She would like to go abroad, but she doesn't get enough days off to go.

Akiko bought a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle, but can't do it in her room because it's too small. So she wants to move to a bigger room.

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