̥ơ - 1997.01.24

Nakagawa Akiko ()
Yao Kazuki ()
Kaze ga Yonderu (Yao Kazuki)
Hyper Anna 7
This was the first time that Akiko met Kazuki.

Yao Kazuki's first album, Roots, went on sale 1/22, by BMG Japan (the new name, previously was BMG Victor).

They played Kaze ga Yonderu from Kazuki's Roots.

Kyoko, Akiko, and Kazuki read some letters.

The drama was Hyper Anna 7.

Kazuki talked a little about his album. He wanted to do a live in February, but there wasn't enough time for rehearsals, so he is planning one in March. The date isn't fixed yet.

The title of the album is Roots. Kazuki has an image of doing rock, but his first songs were folk songs. He also grew up on 70's music, so this album represents a going back to his roots. Kazuki also wrote the lyrics to two songs on this album.

Kyoko announced that the Quo Vadis event (scheduled for 2/11) was going to be cancelled, because the Quo Vadis anime will not be ready. The anime was supposed to go on sale 3/21.

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