Lステーション - 1997.01.31

Nakagawa Akiko (中川亜紀子)
Hyper Anna 8
This was Akiko's last time as a guest on this show, as Hyper Anna was going to end today. Akiko came as a guest seven times.

Akiko is from Hokkaidou, but she became good at skiing after coming to Tokyo. She has never tried snow boarding. She's scared of it.

Akiko and Kyoko read some letters.

The drama was Hyper Anna 8.

Someone sent in a letter asking about Kyoko's interest in girls, and the "statements" that she makes. She said on the radio that she likes Ikezawa Haruna and Miyamura Yuko. She also said that Akiko was cute.

Kyoko said that she didn't have any relationship with Akiko yet, and then Akiko said that she was "waiting" for Kyoko.
[don't take this part too seriously.. ^_^;]

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