L Station - 1997.02.07

Title L Station
Aired 1997.02.07
Drama none
Hosts Hikami Kyoko (ɹ嶳)
Guest Kikuchi Shiho (ӻ)

Kyoko made a resolution to sleep at 11 PM this year. But she wasn't able to do that at all in January. She wants to play a lot, so she needs energy. So she wants to wake up early, and sleep early. She will try harder in February.

The guest in the first half was Mr. Saito from Tokuma Shoten Intermedia.

A new radio drama was going to begin next week, Digital Ange Dennou Tenshi SS. The SS in the title stands for "Spiral Story". There will also be a game coming out for the Sega Saturn too, probably around Golden Week.

This game is an "end of the world" bishoujo adventure game. Four angels will come down to earth to see if the humans are worth saving.

The player is the one who is "judged" by the angels. Depending on how the player "acts", it can mean the end of the world.

There will be four angels, three Bestia, and one mysterious girl, for a total of eight girls in the game. There are also some mecha and fighting involved.

The game will be displayed at the "Game Show" that takes place at the Big Sight (first weekend in April [Friday - Sunday]).

The radio drama will be a prequel to the game.

In the second half, the guest was Kikuchi Shiho, one of the voice actresses in the drama and game Dennou Tenshi SS. Shiho will do the role of Millinale Uranus Subromarine, usually called Milli. Milli is one of the Bestia, who try to save the world.

They still didn't record the voices for the game or the drama. Shiho saw the color pictures of the characters for the first time today. She said that the script for the game was about 10 cm thick.

Shiho said that there are a lot of cute characters in the game. Some of the voices will be done by Inoue Kikuko, Soumi Yoko, and Neya Michiko.

Then Kyoko and Shiho read some letters. One person commented that Kyoko looks like Mitsuishi Kotono, and asked Kyoko if she thinks so herself. Kyoko said that people tell her that she looks like Mitsuishi Kotono, Neya Michiko, and Kikuchi Shiho.

In the past, Shiho had long hair, and she had her picture taken with Kyoko. People said that they looked like sisters or twins.

Kyoko was getting lots of letters asking about her relationships with the various girls. Kyoko said that her "real" one was Miyamu. But she also likes Haruna, Akiko, and others.

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