Lステーション - 1997.02.14

Tachibana Hikari (橘ひかり)
Odayaka na Yuuki (Hikami Kyoko)
Digital Ange Dennou Tenshi SS 1
Kyoko took a walk the other day. It was cold, but she feels taking a walk is good.

Kyoko played Odayaka na Yuuki, her first CD single that goes on sale 2/21.

The guest was Tachibana Hikari, who does the role of Bel in Digital Ange.

This was the first time that Hikari and Kyoko met. Kyoko was actually Hikari's senpai, as they went to the same seiyuu school. (Hikari went many years after Kyoko.) Right now Hikari works for Arts Vision.

Hikari loves Valentine's Day. She always went around to many stores looking at the chocolates. Hikari said that the large chocolates are for giving to groups. One should give small, high quality chocolates to people.

Kyoko wanted to eat the chocolates herself, so she bought some as if she was going to give it to someone.

Hikari said about Digital Ange: It's a very deep world, so before playing the game, please listen to the drama to get a feel for this world.

The drama was Digital Ange Dennou Tenshi Spiral Story episode 1, Mirai Sekai no Hikari no Ko. (The opening title spoken by Inoue Kikuko.)

After the drama, Kyoko and Hikari read letters.

Hikari said that she was really involved in playing games now. Usually she only does fighting or puzzle games, but she tried an adventure game. She can't finish Sakura Taisen now. Hikari played for one month, and she got through five episodes.

Hikari does the role of Yui in Doukyuusei 2, and episode 5 (out of 8) will go on sale soon.

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