Lステーション - 1997.02.21

Tachibana Hikari (橘ひかり)
Love Miracle (Hikami Kyoko)
Digital Ange Dennou Tenshi SS 2
Kyoko said that she "played" until the morning the other day.. at Denny's. Kyoko slipped and injured her leg, so she should have gone home, but she just stayed and enjoyed herself.

Kyoko played Love Miracle, a song that she sang for some game.
[It's only on the tokuten CD for that game.]

The guest was Tachibana Hikari, who was wearing her favorite outfit, a grey colored two piece set. She also had her hair up. Kyoko was describing Hikari's outfit in great detail..

Kyoko and Hikari read some letters. Kyoko said that she had opned a cockroach egg before. It was a strong shell, with many eggs inside. So if one doesn't destroy the shell properly, one can't get rid of the cockroaches.

The drama was Digital Ange Dennou Tenshi Spiral Story episode 2, Enuberuyu no Miko. (The opening title spoken by Inoue Kikuko.)

[Inoue Kikuko's character Phol/Pholsenia (?) appeared, as well as a lot of other angels.]

After the drama, Kyoko and Hikari read letters.

Kyoko's first single went on sale today.

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