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Kikuchi Shiho (ӻ)
Ever Lasting Love (Miyamura Yuko, Hikami Kyoko)
Digital Ange Dennou Tenshi SS 3
Kyoko was walking around in Shinjuku the other day, and passing by the area with the homeless people. She noticed that one of them had an anime poster up, and she caught a glimpse of a seiyuu from her production. Then Kyoko noticed that there was also a picture of herself! So Kyoko escaped as soon as she could. The poster was of the game Fist.

[I have this poster too. ^_^;]
[The Fist poster has small pictures of Hoshino Mitsuaki, Ohtani Ikue, Inoue Kikuko, Tanaka Atsuko, Hikami Kyoko, Okamura Akemi, Ishida Akira, and Kouda Mariko.]

Also sometimes Kyoko overhears some conversation about anime on the train.

The guest was Kikuchi Shiho.

Shiho gets mad at the couples who kiss in the open.

Then Kyoko played Ever Lasting Love by Miyamura Yuko and Hikami Kyoko.

Kyoko and Shiho talked about Digital Ange. Shiho said that it was a very complex story. The scale is very large, and there are many characters.

There is some information about Digital Ange at http://www.big.or.jp/~timkgf/ also.

The drama was Digital Ange Dennou Tenshi Spiral Story episode 3, Genshi Chikyuu no Tenkai. (The opening title spoken by Inoue Kikuko.)

The angels were sent to the earth before the humans appeared. Pholsenia refused to come out of the sleep unit.

After the drama, Shiho said that it was a difficult story.. She did the role herself, but she doesn't understand the story.

Then Kyoko and Shiho read letters.

Kyoko said that her wisdom teeth were coming out now.

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