Lステーション - 1997.03.07

Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子)
Something (Chikazawa Miho)
Digital Ange Dennou Tenshi SS 4
Kyoko played the song Something by Chikazawa Miho.

The guest was Inoue Kikuko. Kyoko said that Kikuko was her "older sister".

[Kikuko calls Kyoko "Kyon-chan".]

Kikuko and Kyoko both like to look at cute girls..

Kikuko and Kyoko both work for the same production, Kyoko joined four or five years after Kikuko.
Kikuko: But Kyon-chan is one year older than me.

Then they talked about Digital Ange for a while. Kikuko sang Oyasumi Shin Mirai, a song for the game the previous day. But this song can only be heard in the happy ending.

This story (game and drama) is a very hard story, so one can listen/play many times and get a better feel for the story.

The drama was Digital Ange Dennou Tenshi Spiral Story episode 4, Tenshi Tachi Chikyuu he. (The opening title spoken by Inoue Kikuko.)

Pholsenia's duty was to destroy humanity if they were judged to be Bestia. But if they weren't, she would have to protect them.

Ria and Bell were twins, and Clair told them to go to earth (it was 1994), to increase the number of non-Bestia humans. The "judgement" was going to happen in 1999.

[end of drama]

Kyoko asked if Kikuko was doing radio too. Kikuko said that her own radio show ended last year, but she's appearing on some radio shows as a guest. But Kikuko is releasing a series of talk CDs, Onee-chan to Issho. Kyoko said that she saw those CDs in the office.

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