L Station - 1997.03.14

Title L Station
Aired 1997.03.14
Drama Digital Ange Dennou Tenshi SS 5
Hosts Hikami Kyoko (ɹ嶳)
Guest Neya Michiko (ëһ)

The guest was Neya Michiko.

It was graduation season, and Michiko said that she had lots of memories of her graduation (primary school, junior high school, high school).

They played "You're the Only One" by Love Connection.

It was hay fever season, which came a little early this year. Michiko has hay fever too. It wasn't that bad last year, but this year it hit her early. She went to the hospital to get shots. Michiko had a lot of tears and sneezing. Her voice also changed because of her nose.

Michiko went skiing, and in the mountains there were a lot of pollen, so her hay fever got worse. She said that she can "see" the pollen chasing after her.

The drama was Digital Ange Dennou Tenshi Spiral Story episode 5, Soin Hanabusa Takaya. (The opening title spoken by Inoue Kikuko.)

The story of the drama "jumped" from the previous story. It was not taking place in modern day Japan.

Phol was cooking for everyone [VERY cute voice]. The angels were staying on earth with Hanabusa Takaya. Ria liked Takaya.

Takaya worked at a construction site, and there was an exchange student who worked there. The exchange student Laor had a younger sister who had bad eyesight. Bel went over to Laor's sister's place and felt sorry for her. She had the ability to correct her eyes, but the angels weren't supposed to interfere with the lives of the humans.

[end of drama]

Michiko has a tamagocchi, and was playing with it. Her chick was now 6 years old and 26 grams. Kyoko had a tamagocchi too, but her chick got to 8 years and 30 grams before dying.

Michiko tried a print club for the first time the other day. Kyoko had done it a lot when it first came out.

There was a "stamp club" out now. The other day, Iwanaga Tetsuya had stamped Kyoko's script with his stamp.

Michiko had a stage play coming up in April.

[L Station]

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